iCloud Hackers (Turkish Crime Family) Arrested | What happened

Do you remember the Turkish Crime Family? If you do you probably also remember they claimed to have access to over 620 million iCloud Accounts, and they have threatened Apple with a mass wipe of these accounts and the devices associated with them should Apple not pay the ransom they've demanded (100,000$ / team member for 67 members). Apple has responded back in March with a message in which they tell the hackers that Apple isn't going to reward cyber criminals for breaking the law. Apple has also declared that they'll be working with the police to identify the hackers – and they did. One of the members was located in London, United Kingdom and was arrested by the UK Police for hacking threats and blackmailing. The guy, a 20 years old teenager risks 14 years in prison for the cyber crime.  So, the Turkish hackers aren't that Turkish in the end, rather British. The idea was smart, by calling themselves "Turkish Crime Family" everyone would have thought they're automatically Turkish, but the police is way smarter than that.

According to a Microsoft Security researcher, Troy Hunt, the threats made by Turkish Crime Family were fake, yet it is still strange that Apple got very involved into finding some fake hackers and getting them on jail. Anyways, the problem is now most likely over, so people are safe back again to use their iCloud accounts without being afraid of them being wiped overnight. As a precaution tho, I recommend making backups often as it is a good practice.

The Motherboard's article: https://goo.gl/d8DMHn
Troy Hunt's post: https://goo.gl/7IIW3b
My first video about them: https://goo.gl/1CBBKK
iOS 10.2.1 YUCCA JAILBREAK by @ijapija00 Analyzed: https://youtu.be/XDIxgBHKOBI


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