iOS 10.2 Jailbreak – How to Fix Cydia Error DPKG_LOCKED

In today's video we're going to fix one of the worst Cydia / Jailbreak errors ever, the DPKG_LOCKED one. Usually, if you get this on your Jailbreak, you will have a very very hard time, as it is very poorly documented and the fixes available usually involve deleting some files you might not have access to in the first place. For some reason, when this error occurs, it combines itself with a Cydia that can't recognize anything (including itself) as being installed.

Normally, having this error means your Jailbreak is damaged seriously (most of the times beyond repair), so you need to restore, but not anymore. For iOS 10.0 to iOS 10.2 I have created a simple yet powerful fork of Yalu Dark Jailbreak that will try to fix your issue by reinstalling every Jailbreak-related file to the default ones, thus fixing the corrupted data on the Jailbreak, where possible.

This version should only be used for applying the fix, then removed and replaced with Yalu Dark Jailbreak or yalu102 if that's what you were using. Continuing to use this version for Jailbreaking is not dangerous, but this version does not have persistency, it will reinstall everything, every time you run it, therefore resetting your Cydia again, so please use the normal Jailbreak after fixing the issue. 

Yalu Dark With DPKG Fix:
Yalu Dark Jailbreak Beta 8:
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iOS 10.3 Jailbreak Demo:
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