iOS 10.2 – Yalu Dark Jailbreak UPDATED! (Beta 8)

In today's video I will present you an update that I've pushed to my fork of Yalu Jailbreak, the Yalu Dark. Previously, on Yalu Dark Beta 7 I've added a feature to keep track of the certificate time and to alert you when your certificate will expire so that you will resign. During this month I've spotted a bug on the code that didn't affect the Jailbreak but was showing "8 days out of 7" which is awkward. So this version fixes that. I also took the opportunity to fix some other code-related stuff, so that now it brings the signing notifications with better accuracy. 

With this update, I have also changed the design of the app, to use the  white status bar instead of the black one, I've changed the background, the Yalu in-app logo (to a better rendered picture) and o on for those of you who pay attention to the small details. 
I have also tweaked the code I've written previously so that I improved the overall stability of Yalu Dark Jailbreak. The code behind the jailbreaking process is the original Yalu code, so if you have bugs, they are most likely part of the original code (remember, Yalu is in Beta).
If you are using Yalu Dark Beta 7, I recommend updating to the Beta 8, available on my Github.

The source-code for the modifications I've done is also available on my GitHub, for those who are curious.

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