iOS 10.3 CFW iCloud Bypass Universal Setup.App Patch

In today's video I decided to create a Setup.App Patch that works universally for the x64 (aarch64) devices. This Setup.App Patch should be compatible with iOS 10.3 Betas (all of them) all the way up to Beta 4. In my previous video I've shown you how to build your own patch, so if you're interested in the iPad version or iPod Touch version, you can easily build your own.
The Setup.App Patch is invalidated purposefully to prevent it from starting after restore and locking the device down. 
If you need a tutorial on how to use the patch, I've already created one, and you can find it down bellow.

Although the patch is compatible with x64 devices, iPhone 7 and SE are not supported. Please keep in mind you should read the F.A.Q. page before following the CFW Creation Tutorial.

Universal x64 iOS 10.3 Patch:
Updated CFW Creation Tutorial:
F.A.Q. Page (Read IT):
Setup.App Documentation:
How to Create Setup.App Patches:


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