How to Get Yalu Jailbreak (No Computer) / No Revokes (1 Year) UPDATED!

In today's video, I will be showing you how to get the yalu102 jailbreak for iOS 10.0 – 10.2 without using Cydia Impactor or a computer at all. In fact, you just have to go to the ayouch website in mobile Safari and you can install yalu102 no matter where you are, even if that is, nowhere near a computer.

There are actually two solutions worth mentioning, but one of them is currently down (most likely the certificate has been revoked by Apple). I am talking about TweakBox. The yalu102 from TweakBox can't currently be installed as it gives "Unable to download yalu102" error. The second method, ayouch's method, is actually working as intended.

On you can also a find a guide on how to stop Apple from revoking the certificate so that you get 1 year of yalu jailbreak without being afraid you'll end up with the certificate revoked when you need it the most.

Yalu102 Jailbreak only works on iOS 10.0 to iOS 10.2, and only on 64-Bit devices (iPhone 5S and newer), except iPhone 7 and 7 Plus!

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