iOS 10.3.1/10.3.3/11.x JAILBREAK Week 3 UPDATE | Keenlab, Taig9, iOS 10.3.3 STILL SIGNED!

In today's video, we're discussing the current jailbreak situation as for the third week of November. We're going to discuss the currently signed iOS versions and which version is recommended to stay, as well as some fake jailbreaks including the notorious Taig9 which has nothing to do with the actual Taig Jailbreak.
For some bizarre reason, fake Keenlab and Pangu Jailbreaks seem to be popping out more and more frequently, and the worst part is that they rank in Google Search way better than legit tutorials coming from ModMy, 9to5Mac, and so on. Newcomers in the jailbreak community can easily be fooled by these fake jailbreaks as they tend to make use of legit jailbreak team names.

iOS 10.3 is still signed for some bizarre reason for iPhone 6S. Normally, iPhone 6S remained signed for iPhone 6S only due to the touchscreen problems that appeared on iOS 11 forcing 6S users to downgrade, but the problem has been long gone and Apple still keeps iOS 10.3.3 signed, at least according to iNeal's APIs. If you're waiting for a jailbreak, and you're on iOS 11 (and you have an iPhone 6S), I strongly recommend making a backup of your data and trying to downgrade to iOS 10.3.3 as it is a way safer software version to be on, in terms of jailbreaks, at least in my opinion.

A note about updating. Many of you complain about developers releasing jailbreaks for older iOS versions and not for the latest and greatest, well, the problem is, you should not be updating your phone in the first place if you wanna jailbreak. Nowadays it is very rare that the latest version of iOS has a publicly available jailbreak. The security on iOS is getting tougher and tougher and many developers refrain from public releases due to reasons well known. Many people go as far to harass developers to release jailbreaks which only drives them away, unfortunately. 

Staying on the lowest firmware possible is quite probably the best thing you can do, right next to a huge dose of patience.

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