iOS 11.3.x/11.4.x JAILBREAK UPDATE: SemiRestore 11 / Rollectra / Sileo (Cydia Soon To Be Replaced)

In today's video, I have some important news for both those of you who are already jailbroken on iOS 11.3.x or iOS 11.2.x and those of you who are planning to jailbreak in the future on iOS 11.4, iOS 11.4.1 and so on. Pwn20wnd has announced a few hours ago that both Rollectra and SemiRestore 11 were successfully updated and were made available on the Packix repo. Both of these tools are used to remove Electra and essentially un-jailbreak the device back to stock. Compared to the previous Delectra script, these two utilities are using APFS snapshots and the built-in data erasing tool to remove any traces of Electra #Jailbreak. this way, you can use the applications that have jailbreak detection.

On another note, Coolstar has announced a few hours ago that Cydia will no longer be used in subsequent Jailbreaks. He is currently working with his team on a new Cydia alternative called Sileo which is also based on APT, just like Cydia, but optimized for iOS 11. Cydia itself has long been a symbol of the iOS Jailbreak, however, it hasn't been updated for iOS 11 at all. The Electra Team had to implement some hooks to fix Cydia at runtime which of course stopped working again on #iOS 11.3 and had to be redone. Sileo looks quite promising. 

In a video made by Coolstar, one can see just how fast the early versions of #Sileo are. According to him, Cydia tweaks and repos will be compatible with Sileo making the transition pretty easy. If the project succeeds, Sileo may become the new norm, at least on Electra Jailbreaks.

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