iCloud Bypass by IMEI – Is It REAL or FAKE?

In today's video I will treat a topic a lot of you have been asking me about lately, that is iCloud Bypasses sold on eBay or different other websites using IMEI or Serial number. These bypasses are never free, and therefore I decided to analyze a bit how they look like to tell you whether you should try them or not on your device. When something is free, trying it doesn't produce anything bad unless you download a malware software into your PC, but when money get involved (and these bypasses are usually sold for big amounts of money), being cautious is very important.

I've been researching iCloud Activation for 2 years and I can tell that the IMEI unlocks are very likely to be SCAMS. Why? Well let's just dissect a little bit how this works: You pay, provide the IMEi address and you're usually put on hold for 3-4-5 days or even 2 weeks, then when the time passes and the device is still not unlocked, you try to contact the seller only to realize he either blocked you or he vanished. This has happened in the past to thousands of people and this is the main reason I am making this Q/A-style video.

The websites / sellers of such IMEI unlocking services claim to have access on an apple program called GSX (Global Service Exchange). Let me tell you a little bit about it. I've also written an article for PhonLab about this matter, so those of you who happen to have a subscription there might have seen it. GSX IS NOT a tool made to bypass iCloud, let alone to allow anyone to do so. GSX can be used to remove the iCloud Account from a device (by making direct changes to the Apple Database) but that won't happen, because to have GSX, your company has to be big, your company has to use a lot of Apple products and your company MUST have one or more authorized (certified) Apple engineers. This is very hard to achieve, and of course these websites looking to get your money don't fulfill Apple's requirements to access the program. Even if they do, GSX is verified by Apple employees. Every company's account on GSX is checked and everything they do to their devices using the program is tracked. At some point in the past GSX could have been used to remove the iCloud account, but it has been patched long time ago. Think about it: Why would Apple created a breach in their own system?

The difference between these IMEI unlocks and temporary bypasses (like CFW or DNS bypass) is that they claim to completely remove it from the Apple server, while the CFW method and the DNS bypass only does it temporarily on the device, the server can't be modified and the device is still locked on Apple's server. Basically they claim they can make direct changes to Apple's server which looks sketchy as hell.




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