iOS 10.2 – 10 Best iOS Themes (for Yalu Jailbreak)

In today's video I have for you a compilation of the best 10 iOS Themes to install after you Jailbreak with Yalu! These themes are known to work well on iOS 10.2, iOS 10.1.1, iOS 10. iOS has a very good looking interface from factory, but if you're jailbroken, these themes will make your device more personal. The themes can be found in Cydia. All of these themes are compatible and were tested with Anemone theming platform.

Yalu Jailbreak is stable enough to allow themes to be used on the jailbroken device, but I personally recommend you not to stockpile themes up. Only keep installed the theme you are currently using, as the themes tend to be way bigger in size than the tweaks (usually go to 50, 80 even 120 MB or more) which means that if you stockpile a lot of themes that you don't use, you will fill up the device's System partition which is only 3,5 GB! To be able to install all theses themes in the User partition which is considerably bigger (the rest of the space after the 3,5 cut from the phone's total space), you will need to use CoolStar's Stasher for iOS 10 (I have made a video on how to use the stasher, it will be available down bellow).

How to install iOS 10 Stasher (for more space):
Top 9 Essential Tweaks for iOS 10:
Top 14 FREE iOS Themes for iOS 10:
Top 10 Best Free Tweaks for iOS 10: 
Top 8 NEW Cydia Tweaks for iOS 10:


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