Bypass iPhone 4 iCloud Full Activation and Jailbreak Untethered with PANGU

Anyone can lose his pasword for iCloud, or simply get account hacked some times, therefore this method is dedicated for such cases when you lost access to your legitly purchased device.

This method will fully activate your iPhone 4 and No Service problem might also get fixed if your iPhone is NOT carrier locked!
You will also learn how to Jailbreak Untethered using PANGU Jailbreak for iOS 7.1.2. THE VIDEO CONTAINS PROOFS!

Untethered Jailbreak means that you will be able to remain Jailbroken even after you reboot your device, this happens on fully activated devices. Compared to GeekSn0w Jailbreak for iOS 7.1.2, you will not be required to boot the device with OpenSn0w nor with GeekSn0w or anything PC-related, therefore your device with all Cydia Tweaks you are going to install will stay the way you configure it.

You can login to your own account and iTunes on the phone and install any application you want. You can use iTunes for backups, music sync, and so on. I have tested these features already and they seem to work flawlessly.

I decided to update the video I made back in May 2015 as I wanted a greater sound / image quality. Enjoy 1080p HD. The information still is the same as it is still working as it should, but the quality of the video is 30 times better.


Files needed:!4sd0VQjZ!HlyBPDIk36iqukmB3PVQwbQKf6rArtu3PKBPJ5BaL0k
*Try this for No service (Updated 2016):
Java Runtime Environment:

In case you get error INIT FAILED MUX THREAD on SSH.JAR app, follow my tutorial here:

F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager:

If you need to fix PUSH NOTIFICATIONS, iMESSAGE and YouTube, use this video:

! Disclaimer: This video is provided FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY. You are the only one liable for the way you use the information provided. Usage for illegal actions is strictly prohibited!

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