iOS 7.1.2 – iPhone 4 GSM – No Service Fix after Bypass (August 2016) UPDATED + Proofs

Today, I updated the No Service Fix for iPhone 4 after Apple patched the one from July exactly at 1 day after I released it. I recommend you to move fast because this new patch uses kinda the same method (with a little help from Serial Number) so it will most likely be patched really fast.

This patch fixes the No Service issue after bypassing your iPhone 4 from iCloud. It may or may not work with your carrier, I only tested with LycaMobile Uk and Wind Italy. 

This won't work if you bypassed with any other video than mine, check it out here:

This only works with GSM model (iPhone 3,1). The iPhone 3,2 (REV A) and 3,3 (CDMA) are not supported.

The bug I found and I exploited in the video allows someone to replicate a Wildcard ticket using the device's Serial Number and to unbrick the Baseband for some models. Although it is a powerful exploit, due to Limera1n Bootrom Exploit allowing us to SSH in the phone, it only works for known networks.

Because this method uses Apple Server Bug, expect it to be patched extremely fast! Please make use of it as fast as possible, I can't know how much it will stay available.

The fix may apply to devices ONLY bypassed with my video for bypass.

WARNING! If used with other bypass methods, may brick the baseband (can't be restored via iTunes!).
Please follow the tutorial completely, don't skip parts, read the full description and don't get lazy because the risks are big. Breaking the Baseband is dangerous as it is not fixable.

You will be required to restore your device and bypass again if you had a SIM Card inserted in the phone.
By the time you restore, take off any sim card.

All tools and files are available in the description of the video.


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