iOS 9.2.1: New Version | Apple fix Error 53 on all iDevices and the 1970 BUG Free

This is definitely a big surprise from Apple Inc.
They released a new build of iOS 9.2.1 (12D20) in order to fix Error 53 of iPhone 6, 6S, 6S Plus and all other affected devices. In the past, this error could have been fixed ONLY by Apple Stores and wasn't cost effective at all (like 200$), now, using this new build you can fix your device stuck in Recovery Mode for Free just by using the latest version of iTunes in order to download the IPSW, as the OTA update is not available (yet).

Apple actually apologize for the broken devices and all these inconveniences.

In this new and shiny build, Apple also fixes the 1st of January 1970 BUG that affected all x64 iOS devices, so no more pranks from your friends and no more iPhones stuck on Apple Logo 🙂

Apple is currently facing a class action lawsuit over the Error 53 matter. The quick fix could help to defeat some of the suit’s claims.

Apparently, Apple implemented ERROR 53 on devices repaired by third parties in order to protect sensitive data such as your fingerprint from being saved using 3RD party components that might copy / send it to hackers and thieves, but they do agree it was way too much.

It's the first time we see Apple Inc. that fast on fixing such errors, maybe they need more lawsuits.

A lot of people trashed away their previously unfixable Apple devices and a lot sold / still selling such devices on eBay for incredibly low price 😉

You can see their notes about this error here:
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