OS X – iPhone 4 Full iCloud Bypass – iOS 7.1.2 on Mac (OS X) (With Proofs)

OS X – iPhone 4 Full iCloud Bypass – iOS 7.1.2 on Mac (OS X) (No Windows Needed) by Removing Setup.App using Terminal and SSH Ramdisk tool

Hi everyone 🙂 Today I am going to show you how to fully bypass iCloud on iPhone 4 using only OS X (any version) on a MAC without any Windows tool.
In my previous videos I've shown you how to do this on Windows using WinSCP, but WinSCP doesn't exist for OS X, and there are no tutorials at all on YouTube on how to bypass only with OS X, so I am the first to create one 🙂 I hope it helps. You can download anything you need to complete the steps from here. The video contains the proofs of bypass at the end.

This video is very usefull if you bought a device from eBay or Amazon and you got scammed, or the device requires a foreign SIM Card in order to be activated sucessfully. You make use of the Terminal app included in all OS X versions because it has SSH support.

Please follow the video down bellow, it is the complete tutorial. All applications used are in the description of the video. If the video helps you, give it a thumb up and a share 🙂

If you need to do the bypass on Windows, here is the full tutorial: https://youtu.be/LpP4GKCfxiw


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