iOS 10 Beta 4 – iPhone 5 – iCloud Bypass With CFW Full Tutorial + Proofs

Today I created a tutorial for those who wanna try iOS 10 for building CFWs. As you most likely know, iOS 10 betas are NOT encrypted, hence, your ability to perform modifications without any ROOT FS Keys on any devices being it iPhone 6, 6S or 5.

This tutorial uses the Setup.App Patch that I released a couple of days ago for iOS 10 Beta 4 iPhone 5 (both). The link for it is down bellow. This tutorial is intended for those who DO HAVE a mac, a macbook or a computer that CAN run OS X either virtually or as main host OS. I recommend OS X El Capitan for following the tutorial.

You also require XCODE 8 Beta which is available for registered Apple Developers after signing in on the Developer Page.
Don't try to pirate the app or to get it from shady sources, it won't work without the account; You need to make sure you don't have the same issue as me (my account signed off automatically from XCode rendering error 14). If you are signed off (session expired), simply sign back on and make sure all your profiles are in place.

As per Apple's rules, installing any Beta iOS requires XCODE Beta, thus making the tutorial impossible to be followed if you only have Windows. It's Apple's decision to limit Beta usage.

I highly recommend you to read the F.A.Q. Page before asking questions. It is available on the More Info part, here in the description.

Please don't ask for CFWs. I don't have enough band to upload 3GB of file. Try to make your own. The tutorial is not that hard and my CFW would be the same as yours as the instructions are the same.

Everything you need (downloads and documentation) is available in the description of the video.


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