iOS 10 Beta 5 Review – Is it worth updating from iOS 9.x? | What is new in iOS 10 Beta 5

Yesterday, Apple released the fifth Beta of iOS 10. In today's video we're gonna review the most iconic features of iOS 10 Beta 5 and we're going to also answer the question, is it worth updating to iOS 10 if you have iOS 9.x? In the video we also test how smooth iOS 10 runs on x32 devices (iPhone 5) that you probably know are not the fastest.

Apple didn't really changed much compared with the previous Beta, but they did some great job one the authentication part after rebooting, hence, Touch ID compatible devices are no longer required to check the Apple Store Password, as you can simply confirm your credentials using a touch on the Touch ID sensor and start downloading apps right away. Keep in mind this change also includes Paid apps.

The lockscreen sound:
For me, it sounds like a closing door. For some others it sounds like a knock, or drum, well, it doesn't really matter how it sounds, what matters is that Apple took a new direction with the lockscreen sound, and as for now, the sound is still appreciated 50/50.

Widgets Area:
Not much to talk in here, well, Apple changed the background of third-party app widgets from light to dark mode so that you can easily tell that is a third party widget. The widgets are available on the Notifications panel, on the left hand of the Springboard and on the left hand of the lockscreen.

Improved messaging app?
In the video I give you  some tips about the infamous iOS 10 downgrade and the loss of all messages, issue caused by incompatible formats between the old 9.x legacy messaging app and the new iOS 10 one, also, Apple introduced a new screen detailing the gestures.

TL;DR: More info, in the video 🙂

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