New Keen-Lab iOS 11.1 / 11.0 JAILBREAK For 64-Bit Devices (IPA) DEBUNKED

In today's video we're debunking yet another hoax, but this time they've gone to a completely different level, ripping off the Keenlab website including the Keenlab Team, their ongoing and completed projects and all the conferences they've attended. Can you believe scammers have actually gone as far as buying a new domain to make it look like Keenlab's website? 
Well, I certainly can believe. It is not the first time a Jailbreak team gets ripped off by scammers who wanna make profits on their name. If you remember, both Pangu and TAIG Jailbreak team names have been used on a plethora of fake websites just to attract the user, which of course, seems to be working.

In this particular case, they have a couple fake jailbreak videos in which they're demonstrating the Keenlab Jailbreak. They have apparently made a clone of the IPA (jailbreak app) demonstrated by Liang Chen of Tencent Keenlab, the jailbreak was indeed demonstrated at MOSEC 2017 but it has never been released to the public so there is no way these scammers could have an IPA. Sure enough, if you click to download the IPA they will redirect you to a "coming soon" page which is indeed, yet another lie.

I have talked with Liang Chen of Keenlab and he assured me that they don't have any plans on releasing the jailbreak anytime soon, so do not fall for any Keenlab IPAs or fake websites/videos you see on the internet as none of them have the official IPA. While for some people this looks like Captain Obvious level knowledge, there are still newcomers in the jailbreak community, and since these scammers take advantage of the name of a real jailbreak team that has appeared in tech news, it is hard for them to tell whether they're legit or not.

▽ Resources ▽
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