NEW iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak Via Safari for 64-Bit [Video ANALYZED!]

Yeah, yet another fake jailbreak that you sent me in comments section and on Twitter. This time a massively popular one with 200.000 views and 10.000 likes and only 59 dislikes. 

With this figures in place, you would claim it can't be fake, people can't be as foolish as to use a "Safari" jailbreak that asks for a game to be installed before jailbreak right? Well, you are wrong, and the 10.000 LIKES are proving the fact that unexperienced people are easily falling for these scams. So, as you have asked me on twitter and on the comments, here is a full review of it in which I expose the hoax and I try to explain as good as I can why that #Jailbreak can't be real despite the HUGE number of views and likes.

See, the channel behind it rapidly got popularity because it is a "jailbreak" tutorial with a link in the description to an actual tool. Of course, the tool (which is basically a website you load in Safari that mimics the iOS style a lot) is a hoax since it asks you to download 2 free games before the Jailbreak can finish. Since it doesn't ask for any payment, just for installation of 2 free apps / games, a lot of people are falling for it, making the scammer to earn more and more as the games you install are actually ads for which the site owner is paid per download.

I know everyone wants a Jailbreak, I know a lot of you are not technical people who can tell from distance good from bad in the jailbreak community, and that is not really your fault, since there are a lot of people in all domains using ROOTs and hacks without really knowing how they work, but pay attention to these hoaxes. You will NEVER see a legit jailbreak asking you to download a game or a free app or to pay anything before you can use it.

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