As you may have guessed from the title, in this video we're debunking a quite popular iOS 11 jailbreak tutorial that has been posted on YouTube 5 days ago by the user "Steve Smith".

There are several things wrong with his video, and the jailbreak is fake as hell, but his video got 115.000 views and 6000 likes in only 5 days with only 400 dislikes. Normally, seeing these numbers you would think "blimey! this must be a legit jailbreak", well, it is not. In fact, it is a  scam that might even end up costing you money if fall for it.

This is how it works:
Steve's video has a link, that is presumably the jailbreak tool to be used. Once you open the link in Safari on your iOS 11 device, you must press the big blue jailbreak button which will automatically redirect to a black screen, followed by the Apple logo and some meaningless text scrolling. All these are happening inside the safari page, not on the whole screen. After a few seconds, the site would redirect you to some sort of page asking you to complete something, this is where you should be very aware it is a scam.

Normally, Steve says in his video that you have to download 2 games and play them for a few seconds and his reasoning behind this is that the exploit is bundled with the games. Again, total bull, as you can't bundle your exploit in someone else's game already published in the app store. The real reason behind this is so you would install the app coming from the app store which is pretty much an advertisement, thus generating Steve some money. 

However, during my tests, the page did not ask me to download no games, in fact, it asked me to buy a mobile subscription to some random junk that costs EUR 5.04, but you wouldn't know that unless you read the (very) small print. So pay a lot of attention on what you click and especially what you subscribe for with your phone number!

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