iOS 10 Was Released for General Public – Review – About Pangu Jailbreak for iOS 10

Today Apple has seeded the final iOS 10 for general public which is, in fact, nothing but iOS 10.0.1 GM. The iOS 10 update should be, by now, available for iOS 8.x and 9.x users directly through OTA download and for iOS 10.0.1 GM users there are no updates as they run the latest version.

iOS 10, compared with iOS 9.x comes with a variety of improvements in terms of speed and flexibility. Apple decided to leave the KernelCache decrypted which makes the phone power on and off faster as the processor and the AES Accelerator doesn't need to decrypt nothing at the boot time. Users who installed iOS 10, starting from Beta 2 reported an increase in the power on time with at least 10 seconds (depending on the device) which is clearly good.

In terms of features, iOS 10 was focused on the Messages and Music application that got a complete makeover. The Springboard and the lockscreen also got improvements. iOS 10 marks the end of a historical feature present on the iOS since the beginning, the "Slide to unlock" which was now replaced by "Press home to unlock" which requires an actual press on the Home Button to unlock the device unless you activate the Touch ID for unlock.

A great new feature is the one that allows you to only raise the phone to wake it and see your notifications at a glance.

The 3D Touch was also improved and Siri got her first public APIs for developers. Now developers can make applications that are able to interact with Siri.

The full feature set is, of course available on the Settings>General>Software Update.

These are the iOS 10 compatible Apple products:

iOS 10 Supported devices chart

Of course, we also discuss the possibility of a JailBreak from Pangu soon. As you may know, Pangu demoed iOS 10 Beta 1 Jailbreak during the MOSEC 2016 event, of course, the exploits used for that might not be available anymore, but at least we know iOS 10 didn't kill the Jailbreak just yet, and following Pangu's release pattern we believe that the iOS 10 Jailbreak will most likely be dropped 1 month from now, basically, October. For the moment, we don't have an official word from Pangu, and we can't tell if it will be untethered or tethered, or if it will be compatible with x32 devices as well. Subscribe to stay updated on the news!

Multiple developers have demoed iOS 10 Beta Jailbreak, not only Pangu, but most of them are not planning to release anything. Although they won't release the tool themselves, it is highly probable that they will give the exploits to Pangu.


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