iOS 10.3.3 JAILBREAK JULY STATUS: NEW Jailbreak Team, New BlueYalu, iOS 10.3.2 Exploit

In today's video we're going to recap the current #JAILBREAK status as for JULY 2017 and we're going to see the newest version of BlueYalu Jailbreak (v5.0) that has been released 7 hours ago on Reddit.

As you've probably got used to, I make such videos from time to time to recap the important things that happened in the Jailbreak Community that I've covered in separate videos in order to make it clear what is the current situation of the Jailbreak and on which firmware version you should stay. Today we also have some news about BlueYalu which is a #yalu102 fork created by 1GamerDev. This fork is a redesigned yalu iOS 10 to 10.2 Jailbreak and it is quite nice. It has been updated by 1GamerDev 7 hours ago and it got some interesting design changes.

A week and a half ago we've discussed about a new Jailbreak Team called "Tigris" formed out of a couple tweak developers. These Tweak developers DO have some knowledge on how iOS works and #Objective-C programming skills, but they're still beginner so, the initiative is at worst ambitious. If you want more details about the young team and their initiative, check out the video attached down below.

The #iOS 10.3.2 Safari Exploit about which I've talked in a previous video, turned out to be legit, but not released by the dude on twitter that re-uploaded it, instead, it was made by PhoenHex Team, more about it in the video and in the video linked below.

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