NEW iOS 11 Beta 3 FEATURES! | Battery Performance and FULL REVIEW

In today's video we're discussing about iOS 11 Beta 3 and its performance after I've tested it for 3 days. The reason I made this video 3 days after release is because I wanted to test the performance with some real usage and real daily tasks.

Speaking about performance and real-world tasks, iOS 11 Beta 3 really seem to work better than Beta 2 and considerably better than Beta 1, but it is still unusable as a daily driver (unless you really love software bugs). I've tested Beta 3 with normal YouTube video, some Netflix streaming, some internet browsing via Safari and a couple games (not huge games, but not very small either). The conclusion I came to is that, although the battery does last more than on the previous built, the difference is quite small. In fact, the battery seem to get exhausted quite easily even on Stand By. The test device was an iPod Touch 6th Generation whose battery is original and only 2-3 months old, it has only been used for such tests in the past so the battery health is perfect.

Speaking about new features:
You do get some minor changes on iOS 11 Beta 3: In the Files application there is a new location you can enable called "OS X Server" and there are new experimental features for WebKit in Safari's Settings pane. They've carried out some minor changes and tweaks to the Control Center as well, it is no longer called Control Centre, but Control Center as it used to be in the iOS 10 and 9 and so on. Some of the icons have been recolored: The Torch one is blue once enabled and the battery saver is orange. They've added new icons to the Force/3D-Touch menu of Camera in Control Center and to the Notes Application. The Apple TV remote menu is a bit smaller and nicer, the Screen Recording button is now called "Start Broadcasting" and the Night Shift button and the microphone one are no longer blending into the screen. 

On the bug fixes side, the most noticeable one is the bug on the Application Switcher  / App Viewer that prevented some apps from properly closing which has now been fixed. On iPad, you no longer need to long press the app and press "X" to close it, you can just swipe it out which is nice.

That's pretty much my review of iOS 11 Beta 3 after 3 days of intense usage. Not the best version, but clearly better than previous builds. Subscribe to stay updated with more info.

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