How to install LibUSB for fixing iRecovery Got USB – iBOOT Payload Sending

If you want to use iRecovery to send an iBOOT Exploit Payload or for accessing the AES Engine in iRecovery Client, you need to have libusb filter installed for Apple Device (Recovery Mode) driver.
If you don't install this filter, you will get "GOT USB / NO iPhone or iPAD found" issue even if the device is connected in Recovery Mode.

Why is iRecovery useful?
Well, iRecovery talks with iBSS, iBOOT and iBEC via USB, it is very powerfull as it allows BOOT ARGS Setup and payload sending with proper parameters.

You can find the GIT Repo and all possible commands here:

You can actually download a compiled version for Windows here:

LIbUSB for Windows:


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