How to Start iOS Hacking | Reverse Engineering With Radare2

It's been a while since I made a reverse engineering (hacking, disassembling, patching, etc.) video, and therefore, today I've prepared something for those of you interested into getting started with INFOSEC, and iOS Hacking to be more specific. Aren't you sick of seeing hackers bragging about what they can do? Don't you want to learn how to do that too? How Jailbreak works? How to modify apps? How to patch? Well, in today's video we're getting a bit more in-depth, as we're going to use a test dummy app that normally requires an access keys (that I've made), and using Radare2 (and a bit of Hopper Disassembler) we're going to analyze how the app works, and how the key verification is implemented. Of course, the purpose of the video is to teach you how to use Radare2, which is a disassembler, as well as a debugger that can run on OS X, Linux and even iOS, and then to teach you the required skills you need to be able to use the test app the I created by circumventing its key verification function.

This video is addressed towards those of you who might have at least a bit of programming knowledge, or programming understanding. If you feel like you can't understand something, you can of course, check the playlist from down bellow for much easier iOS Reverse Engineering Basics videos.

As for today's video, we're doing our analysis and patching on an OS X environment, but you can also do this on iOS if you are Jailbroken, or on Linux! 🙂 As for the next episodes, we'll grow focused more and more on the iOS side. for now, the information presented in here applies to most of the UNIX systems.

The tool app (to apply what you've learned):
The source code of the tool app:
Hopper Disassembler:
Reverse Engineering Playlist:
About the registers:


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