Pangu Jailbreak Team At MOSEC 2017 | Pangu Is Back?

In one of my previous videos we've discussed about Pangu Jailbreak Team being at Zer0Con, alongside with Ian Beer (due to which we now have iOS 10.2 Jailbreak) and many others. From that video you could have easily spotted the fact that they are going to have some 64-Bit iOS Kernel Exploiting trainings at Zer0Con. This looked very interesting considering the fact that we've heard nothing from Pangu or about Pangu in over 1 year since they've dropped iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak and simply vanished out of the iOS community.

Well, today we have even more great news! Pangu is going to also be present at MOSEC 2017. In fact, they are one of the organizers of the Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC). For the moment the website does not show what Pangu is going to talk about, but they seem to have interesting plans for this year. Why is this important? Well, last year, back on June 2016, at the same MOSEC, Pangu has demoed the very first ever iOS 10 Jailbreak, that was for iOS 10 Beta 1 back then.

Having Pangu still interested into mobile security and especially in iOS Security is a relief, as they have released very powerful Jailbreaks in the past (including the iOS 7.x, 8.x and 9.x jailbreaks), most of them untethered. Although we don't know as for now what they're going to talk about at MOSEC, being a MOBILE SECURITY conference, I imagine it must be iOS related. Maybe a new Jailbreak? Maybe new iOS Kernel exploiting methods? We'll see, but having Pangu sort of back, and knowing they did not completely disappeared as TAIG did is definitely a relief.

Pangu at Zer0Con:
MOSEC 2017:
Pangu's official website:
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