Pangu Jailbreak Team At Zer0Con | iOS 10.3.1 Released

In today's video we're briefly talking about the Zer0Con conference at which Pangu Jailbreak Team is going to be one of the main speakers. According the schedule, they are going to discuss about macOS Sierra Kernel Exploits, but they will also have a training about Advanced 64-Bit iOS Kernel Exploitation. Although not related to the Jailbreak itself, I just wanted to point out that Pangu, although inactive in the Jailbreak community in over 1 year, they did not completely left iOS Exploitation scene. This might hint a possible comeback from Pangu somewhere in the future. Apparently, Zer0Con is a conference for Exploit Developers and Bug Hunters, so Pangu fits in properly.

On the other hand we discuss about iOS 10.3.1 that was released a few days back, for all compatible devices, including 32-Bit. We thought it was dropped, but apparently it wasn't. Strangely enough, Apple only released the Beta of iOS 10.3.1 for the 64-Bit devices. The iOS 10.3.1 update is only there to fix a major WiFi vulnerability that would allow a hacker to run arbitrary code on the WiFi chip. The vulnerability was also present on 32-Bit devices, and so this might be the reason Apple has released a software update for 32-Bit as well.

Pangu's Schedule at Zer0Con:
iOS 10.3.1 Security Contents:
iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak DIY Fried Apple Team:
iOS 9.3.5 to 9.0 Downgrade Achieved (WATCH FIRST):


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