iOS 9.3.3 Beta 1 RELEASED | Apple tries to delay the Jailbreak? | iPad Pro 9.7” Got Bricked in iOS 9.3.2

And when you thought that iOS 9.3.x is dead, BOOM! a new iteration!
Apple just released today, May 23, the iOS 9.3.3 BETA 1 which is available for Apple Developers. They gotta be kidding me!
Apparently this update, even though it is hard to believe, HAS A POINT! (Explained in the video).

I will be honest about the Jailbreak part, I don't like to create fake hopes so everything you'll hear is the real, untouched status of what happens for the moment. Remember that Jailbreak is a dynamic thing which can swap positions from a day to another.

Basically, this iOS 9.3.3 iteration seems to be focused on the little bug that got iPad Pro 9.7-inch bricked in iOS 9.3.2 (even though they had 5 betas and a lot time to test things up before releasing for users).

WWDC16 Details:
iOS 9.3.3:
For Devs:

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