iOS 9.3.2 iPhone 5 Setup.App Patch for CFW Released (LibiMobileDevice)

Due to a big demand in the comments section, today, I decided to build and release the Patch for both iPhone 5,1 and 5,2. The Patch has the key role of crashing while being opened, thus redirecting the phone to the Springboard (HomeScreen) on iCloud locked devices.
In order to use this patch, you must create a CFW (either combination or stock with keys) in which you replace the stock with this one. The CFW can be restored in 2 different methods.
1) The NAND attack (implies a Brute Force attack on ASR process), requires multiple attempts, might also not work on all devices and has unexpected results sometimes. It is being made using LibiMobileDevice app.
2) The Exploit method (using an exploit to load a patched iBSS, then a patched iBEC that bootstraps a patched Restore Ramdisk).
(Known as PWNED state).

The tutorials are available on the channel already.

Keep in mind that the CFW method is the only thing that proved to work during iPhone's existence (ever since iOS 1.x) and still represents a work in progress for newer devices even if it can be tried.

! If you support the project with a like and a share (both are FREE) I will continue to provide updated method as a result of a hard research (Nobody said it is easy, hehe).

==Download Section==
iPhone 5,1 Patch:
iPhone 5,2 Patch:

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