iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Update – GS Magic Jailbreak Team CONFIRMED FAKE

Today, I got some bad news for the world of Jailbreak and iOS. The GS Magic Jailbreak Team (allegedly based in Greece) were confirmed FAKE. They posted a tweet on twitter saying that they won't release any Jailbreak, and they failed to keep their "deadline".
Although their twitter was closed (and strangely re-opened but made private), their YouTube account and all their Jailbreak-related videos are still up.

There have been a lot of heated discussions on /r/Jailbreak about them being fake, and someone also made a timeline with the events concerning GS Magic's tweets and any proofs they've posted.

Luca Todesco and iOn1c kept saying those guys are fake, but only a few believed. Now that they said they won't release nothing, we all know they were just looking for attention; when this attention started to fade, they simply got bored.

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