iOS 9.3.4 – iPhone 5C (Both) ASR Patch for iCloud Bypass | Updated Firmware Manager

In today's video, I bring you the iPhone 5C iOS 9.3.4 ASR (Apple System Restore) Patch for both iPhone 5,3 and iPhone 5,4 and a new update to F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager X that now brings you access to iOS 9.3.3 and iOS 9.3.4 x32 bit keys from inside the application.

I could create the ASR patch because the keys were released, without keys, you can't decrypt the Ramdisk using Firmware Manager, hence you can't build the BSDIFF 4.0 patch file.

Those patches are extremely small, Windows weights them as 1KB, but in fact is like 200-300 bytes in size because it only replaces the desired code inside the app you apply the patch on.

Use Firmware Manager 18 to apply the patch if you want to build a CFW using it. You also need iBEC and iBSS patches (soon) and an exploit (there are no public exploits yet). If you don't have an exploit you must not tamper with the Ramdisk or you will end up with error in iBEC during restore! Those patches are only for devs.
Use NAND attack method if you don't have / know what an exploit is.

Read the F.A.Q. for tutorials, and additional important info.

==Download Section==
Firmware Manager:
ASR Patch iPhone 5C:!gxMA0RTQ!IWsQeSgzhZ3L_2DnTBfWYEt78M96d4M6RjSNM8dkUis

Them keys:
[!] F.A.Q. CFW Bypass:


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