iOS 9.3.4 – x32 Keys Are Up! | iPhone 5,2 ASR Patch for iOS 9.3.4 RELEASED

Today, I am glad to announce you that the keys (File System, Ramdisk, IVs, Kernel, iBOOT and so on) for x32 devices (iPhone 4S, 5 and 5C) are now published on TheiPhoneWiki, this making the combination with 9.2.1 on CFW iCloud Bypass no longer required, hence increasing the success rate!

I decided not to lose any time, and I created the first ASR patch for iPhone 5,2 in a while. In my next videos I'll release the iBEC and iBSS patch. You can read more about the usage of these patches on the F.A.Q. page.

! It is highly recommended to read the F.A.Q. before using the patches! Patching the Ramdisk requires exploit.

==Download Section==
iPhone 5,2 iOS 9.3.4 ASR Patch:!0pVywLTD!dSq3ZxhCmQamaFqgETBeTnZkuhxBVmsQ6Y49BPf89VA

Them keys:
[!] F.A.Q. CFW Bypass:


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