iOS 9.3.4 – How to use ASR Patch To Patch the Ramdisk (For Developers)

Today I created the video I promised I will create for a while, in this video I show you how to use the ASR.Patch Files in order to patch the ASR inside the iOS 9.3.4 Ramdisk (inside iPSW). For this process you will need a couple of tools and programming knowledge is highly recommended.

Pay attention to the name of the Ramdisk, patching the wrong Ramdisk may result in error.
This is intended for Developers only as patching the Ramdisk will require exploits for iBOOT. Anyone else should use NAND attack instead.

It is strongly recommended to read the F.A.Q. page before starting!

iBEC and iBSS patches are also needed for this, in case you want to downgrade, you will also need to create the Info.Plist file for Odysseus to work. I will create the iBSS and iBEC patches soon.

All the resources are available in the description of the video.


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