iOS 14.3 / 14 / 13.0 Jailbreak Automation After Reboot Tested (Without User Interaction) EXPLAINED

Today we’re taking a look at Athenus Dev Team’s so-called “untether” for jailbreaks on iOS 14.3 down to 9. While initially, I thought that their method to get the jailbreak to automatically run after reboot was fake, it turns out it’s legit, but it’s nowhere near an untether. It does act similar to one though, making you be able to run the jailbreak after reboot, without any user interaction.

I am not sure how useful this could be for jailbreaking in general, but I guess if implemented, this would allow you to have the jailbreak run by itself without having to tap on the app icon and pressing jailbreak. Not a huge advantage and it’s definitely not an untether, but it’s an interesting automation trick.

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