iOS 14.4.1 / 14.4 / 14 UNTETHER For Jailbreak Achieved & Will Be Released! (Without CodeSign Bypass)

In today’s video, I have some great news to discuss. It looks like a form of untethered jailbreaking has been achieved for iOS 14.4.1 all the way down to iOS 13 and possibly even lower. I was successfully able to test this new team’s method, and I can confirm that what they have does get code execution at boot-time, which would make a 0-Click Jailbreak possible. In such a case, the jailbreak would automatically run immediately after iOS completes booting to home-screen after a reboot.

This, however, does not have a CodeSign bypass like OG Untethers, so in that sense, it’s not a true untether, but it does have post boot-time code execution which COULD very useful for jailbreak purposes. Right now we’re not sure if there are any limitations that could make it less usable for this purposes as this is still in the works, but the developers have managed to run almost all cicuta_virosa Kernel vuln (the one used in Unc0ver), immediately after boot without any user interaction, so definitely interesting nonetheless.

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