The benefits of using a VPN on macOS and iOS and X-VPN Review

In today's video, we're taking a look at the X-VPN.
X-VPN is a relatively new #VPN software that works on #iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android, and comes with a completely FREE package with no data caps on iOS and Android. 

X-VPN reached to me for a review, so I decided to take a look since I am naturally very interested in VPNs and security in general. Now, let's discuss a bit about what is a VPN in the first place, why you even need one? A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a software that allows you to secure your data traffic and bypass regional locks by making the website you access to believe you're in a completely different country, thus getting access to regional content (Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, etc), and keeping your real IP address assigned by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) hidden from that site.

There are good VPNs and bad VPNs. X-VPN is a good one, and the reason for that is at first: speed, since using a VPN does add a bit of latency, and second, security. Some VPNs keep logs on your online activity, which defeats the purpose of a VPN. X-VPN promises absolutely no logging, which means your online activity remains hidden from your government, your ISP, your neighbor with that fancy WiFi sniffer, and so on.

Since X-VPN provides a "FREE forever" plan for mobile, I don't see why you shouldn't try it 🙂

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