How to run Real Windows XP on iPhone – iOS 10.x / iOS 11.x (NO Jailbreak)

In today's video, by actual popular request, I am showing you how to run legit #Windows XP on an actual iPhone that is not jailbroken, running iOS 10.3.3 (although this works on any version of iOS 10, and possibly iOS 9).

I ran a poll about the next video, and that majority of the voters have chosen the Windows XP on iPhone 7 Plus video, so here it is. Now, this tutorial is long and complete, and it contains various explanations along the way.

For the record, don't expect this to run smooth, it is not intended to be used as your main operating system. The operating system is being emulated heavily. Absolutely everything has to be emulated, from CPU to I/O and even to RAM and storage media. This reduces the performance seriously, but unfortunately, ARM CPUs aren't supported by Windows XP out of the box. For the record, Windows 10 was the first (AFAIK) to support ARM CPUs, so emulation here is a must.

Who's this project for?
Well, if you like pushing your device's limits, this is for you. This doesn't have a real use, as I doubt anyone would use a Windows machine that barely runs. You can get a Pentium III to do a way better job than this emulator does, so this is more for the geeky part of it. You can get some strange looks from your friends when you show them how nice is to run Microsoft Paint on iPhone or Regedit.

Can I try this on a lower-end iPhone?
Actually? Yes. I remember trying this like one year ago, and back then I used an iPhone 6, so it is definitely possible, but on very old devices, such as the iPhone 5S this might not run very well (I am talking about the emulator itself which is prone to crashing quite often).

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