iOS 10 Downgrade (Prometheus) | Save Your Blobs! | Baseband Issues

In today's video I have some important things to discuss with you about iOS 10 Downgrades using Prometheus, about the new bugs in the restore process that may result in Baseband issues on the device, and also about the current status of the downgrade. As @tihmstar, the creator of the Prometheus downgrade tool has posted on Twitter 2 days ago, there are some baseband issues currently on the restore with Prometheus, and therefore, downgrade attempts should not be made until @tihmstar fixes the underlying bugs.

Messing around with device's baseband might not be the best thing to do as a baseband brick is very, very hard to fix. Usually if the baseband is being flashed in a wrong / defective manner, and it gets bricked, a normal iTunes restore WILL NOT fix the problem even if you chose to restore to the latest version and even if you erase the device. Normally the baseband has a very different behavior compared to the kernel or other parts that can easily be re-flashed  using iTunes. Baseband downgrades are impossible, and if you brick your baseband, there are slight chances for you to get it back working by using unconventional applications, but even that way, a full recovery might be problematic. Although the restore mechanism used by Prometheus shouldn't be able to provoke such serious baseband issues, @tihmstar still advises us to avoid Prometheus temporarily due to multiple reports of baseband issues he has received.

In the video we also answer one of the most asked question when it comes to downgrades: "Can I use my friend's / someone else's SHSH blobs for downgrade?". I explain in depth why you can't do so and what stops you from crafting a blob. Also, I give you a friendly advice, that is, to save iOS 10.3.1, and iOS 10.3.2 blobs and all the future releases, because bugs like the ReRestore one that allowed iOS 10 to iOS 9 downgrades via SHSH might occur in the future, unfortunately all this bugs are useless without the SHSH files saved. So just because you can't use Prometheus with iOS 10.3.1 SHSH, that doesn't mean a method won't be created in the future.

I am also showing you how to test your SHSH2 blobs to make sure they are correctly saved.

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