iOS 10 Jailbreak Development – How is a Jailbreak Made (Explained)

In today's video I present you what it takes to able to start Jailbreak development and the some concepts around it. This video comes as a response to a lot of requests coming from you, and also a post on Reddit Jailbreak in which somebody asked what is the best way to get started into exploit research and jailbreaking. iOS Jailbreaking has come a long way, it has changed a lot doing the years as iOS did as well, but some main concepts have remained the same and therefore they're worth being mentioned. 

When talking about Jailbreak, a lot of people think either about the Jailbreak teams (like Pangu or Taig) or Cydia, but it is more on it than that. A Jailbreak is the result of a quite long process of reverse engineering and patching and in order to make Cydia work and let the end user be able to install tweaks and themes, a lot of security mechanisms have to be disabled. Apple has learned a lot from the Jailbreaks during the years and they have been introducing newer features (for example KPP in iOS 9.0) to try to make the process harder – and they did to some extent.

Anyways, in this video I will also cover the available resources you can start with, as Jailbreak teams like Pangu or Fried Apple Team have various talks and presentations published about the iOS Security, iOS Internals and various iOS Exploitation techniques. These are very good resources as they provide extensive information about various important components of the Jailbreak and the possible security measures implemented by Apple.

Pangu's Presentation
Fried Apple Team's Jailbreak DIY Presentation
Apple Developer Resources
The iPhone Wiki
Reverse Engineering Playlist


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