iOS 10.2.1 New Firmware Manager Version for CFW iCloud Bypass

Today I updated the F.C.E. 365 Firmware Application so that it can now build the F.C.E. 365 Lilo v4 for CFW iCloud Bypass with the latest iOS 10.2.1 tutorial I made in January. Firmware Manager is a multi purpose iOS Firmware app that can handle encryption / decryption and a lot of other operations with iOS IPSWs or parts of the firmware.

iOS 10.2.1 is still signed and will still be for a long period of time as iOS 10.3 is in Beta 1 now (which means it might be released somewhere in March), I already made a tutorial on how to build a CFW on iOS 10.2.1 back in January and as iOS 10.2.1 is still signed, the video is still up to date. You can check it out down bellow.

This new version also includes bug fixes, stability improvements and a button for ease of access to Yalu Dark iOS 10 to 10.2 Jailbreak.

Firmware Manager X:
iOS 10.2.1 CFW Creation Tutorial:
Lilo v4 Video:
F.A.Q. Page (READ IT!):


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