No Service Fix – Bypassed iPhone 4 (iOS 7.1.2) – July 2016 UPDATED! (With PROOFS)

This fix method for iCloud bypassed iPhone 4 comes as a result of my research. Finally, I managed to get again into the baseband by dumping it from the X-Gold 618 Chip (iPhone 4's Baseband Chip produced by Infineon).

The bug I found and I exploited in the video allows someone to replicate a Wildcard ticket and to unbrick the Baseband for some models. Although it is a powerful exploit, it only works for known networks, those who are not compatible with 3G and LTE are not being recognized because the controller we hook from the Apple Server has a bug on LTE / 3G radio ticket.

Because this method uses Apple Server Bug, expect it to be patched extremely fast! Please make use of it as fast as possible, I can't know how much it will stay available.

The fix may apply to devices ONLY bypassed with my video for bypass, provided here in the description.

WARNING! If used with other bypass methods, may brick the baseband (can't be restored via iTunes!).
Please follow the tutorial completely, don't skip parts, read the full description and don't get lazy because the risks are big. Breaking the Baseband is dangerous as it is not fixable.

You will be required to restore your device and bypass again if you had a SIM Card inserted in the phone.
By the time you restore, take off any sim card.

Warning! This is not a carrier unlock method, if your phone is locked to Verizon for example, it will still work only on Verizon, so, if you are here for carrier unlocking a device purchased on contract from a carrier, then you are not in the good place.

All files are provided in the description.
This method MAY OR MAY NOT work for all GSM iPhone 4 models around the world. Was successfully tested on: LycaMobile, Tim, Wind Italy, 3 Italy, Verizon, Orange and AT and T. This doesn't mean that it only works on these carriers, but on these ones, it works with no issue.

Please follow the bypass tutorial correctly, and make sure there is no SIM Card inserted by the time you bypass.

All required files and tutorials are in the description of the video, on YouTube.


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