iOS 10 Beta 2 (x64) Setup.App Patch | Some new Jailbreaks SCAM Alerts!

Hi guys! Today, I have for you the Setup.App Patch for iOS 10 Beta 2 for 64-BIT Devices. In one of my previous videos, I released the one for x32, which means iPhone 5 and 5C. This patch, for x64 is compatible with 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S and so on.

You can now grab a copy of iOS 10 Beta 2 directly from The iPhone Wiki Beta Pages.

The iOS 10 Beta 1 IPSWS were not available for public download because they were intended for developers with a paid account. Now that the public Betas are out, everyone can grab an IPSW for iOS 10 Beta 2 and use it. It still requires XCODE 8 on OS X in order to be installed tho.

In today's video I also want to show you some new iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak SCAMS that are nearly undetectable at a first glance, but they prove fatal if you get tricked into their trap. Some of them charge you money for fake tools, and others want you to complete some surveys! Beware of that kind of sites! It might render your device unusable, and your pocket empty! Watch, and stay safe!

Some Jailbreak SCAMMERS wen't that far as they completely copied Pangu's website. And when we say copied, we mean it. They copied every single piece of Javascript just to make their scam look legit. When you click download, guess what? Surveys! Avoid these websites as much as you can, you never know what risk hides behind them.

The setup.App Patch is available in the description of the video.


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