iPhone 6S iCloud Bypass Setup.App Patch for iOS 10.2.1 Beta 1

Today, as a lot of you requested in the comments field, I created and released the new iPhone 6S Setup.App Patch for CFW iCloud Activation Bypass.This patch is for the newly released iOS 10.2.1; Apple released iOS 10.2.1 yesterday, just 2 days after iOS 10.2 was released for the general public (YOU WOT APPLE?!).

This patch is compatible with the latest iPhone 6 Tutorial that uses Lilo App as well; Make sure you download the iPhone 6S IPSW and not the iPhone 6 one.
These patches are created manually, but you can also build your won patches with the application I created – Firmware Manager, although, the success rate is bigger with the manual patches.
If you encounter any difficulties, make sure you read the F.A.Q. page or drop us a post on the forum if you can't find your issue on the F.A.Q.

In this video I will also show you how to fix "No MAC HFS Volume Found" error in TransMAC when you load a DMG file from the IPSW.

The Patch: https://fce365.info/patches/
The Forum: https://forum.fce365.info
The F.A.Q. Page (READ IT): https://fce365.info/f-a-q-cfw-bypass/

==Tutorials for this patch==
How to Bypass With CFW and LILO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9fHPQSU2DI
How to Bypass iCloud on All Devices:


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