iOS 10.2 WAS RELEASED – Everything You Need To Know | Important Jailbreak Info

In today's video we're discussing in-depth about iOS 10.2 that was finally released for the general public by Apple. Actually, if you were running iOS 10.2 Beta 7, you are running the actual iOS 10.2 release because Beta 7 was the GM (Gold Master) version.

In this video we are not going to go very deep in the features because we already made a video on all features and changes of iOS 10.2 that you can review here:

So, in this video we're going to talk more from the Jailbreaker's perspective, about security changes, bug fixes, exploits that were patched and the likely approach Pangu Jailbreak team will take.
Speaking about that, it is rather peculiar Pangu has been working on improving the iOS 9.x Jailbreak a few days ago by using Pegasus exploit (which is quite a dangerous one for user's security). Of course, Pangu's tool is safe, but an user with less experience on Jailbreaking might have security troubles if that user happens to open a maliciously crafted link. On iOS 10.2 there is no longer the case as the Pegasus Exploit was patched back in iOS 9.3.5. I talked about this more in-depth with Tanner from iCrackUriDevice in the comments section of his 10.2 Review if you want to follow up the discussion.

iOS 10.2 security Changes:



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