!The patches won’t be rebuilt until an exploit will be published (if ever), to prevent people from trying a work in progress project and then complaining it doesn’t work with their device. I came to this conclusion because people seem to completely skip reading the F.A.Q. page which is maybe the most important documentation resource of this project. Once an exploit that allows CFW flashing exists, you will see an update on the channel for the CFW method and the BSDIFF patches. No ETA. FIRMWARE MANAGER HAS A PATCHER BUILT-IN BUT THAT WON’T FIX THE LACK OF AN EXPLOIT!

We should not be held liable for any damages, that you might do to your device by trying these. If you don’t know how flashing on iOS works, this project is most likely not suitable for you.


x64 iOS 10.3 uses the new APFS File System rather than HFS+, this makes TransMAC unable to open them unless updated. APFS can be mounted on macOS Sierra. 32-Bit Devices aren’t affected. See my explanation here. JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN OPEN THE DMG ON MACOS DOESN’T MEAN YOU DON’T NEED AN EXPLOIT ANYMORE!

Older patches (9.x and some iOS 10.x were removed because the iOS versions are no longer signed so it would be impossible to restore them, always use the latest version). If you want to understand how the Setup.App works, here is some documentation.

iOS Version Device: Patch Details: ALTERNATIVE
iOS 10.3.3 Universal (aarch64) iPhone Currently down for rework as BSDIFF files, won’t be uploaded until an exploit that would allow CFW flashing is released due to the reasons stated up above. Thanks for understanding, will keep you updated on the channel!

! All devices post-limera1n exploit era require an iBoot (stage 2 bootloader) or Bootrom exploit which doesn’t currently exist publicly.



× Before trying these files, you MUST read the F.A.Q. page to understand the limits of this project, and how to fix various errors, THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! here!