iOS 10 – New Firmware Manager X – Create Setup.App Patches Automatically

In today's video, we have the latest version of F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager. This update (v26) brings a new feature all of you have been waiting for. The automated Setup.App Patch creator. Although it is in Alpha stage for the moment 9which means it might give a few build errors here and there on iOS 9.x Setup.App), it is able to build a patched Setup.App file that you can use for CFW creation.

What this means?
Well, this means that you can now create your own patches for iOS 10 on iPad, iPod and iPhone without waiting for me to upload the patches somewhere, and also means that we can focus on interesting videos instead of making Setup.App Patch release videos.

Is the app free?
Yeup. The app is Free and will always be! Never pay for this app!

Do I still need keys?
Of course. If you use 9.x. If you use iOS 10, it is decrypted so you no longer need keys for it.

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==Download Section==
Firmware Manager (v26):


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