Pangu Stopped Making iOS 10 Jailbreak? Deceptive Rumors | Pangu’s Website is DOWN!

Pangu gave up on making iOS 10 Jailbreak? Well apparently yes according to a couple of tech news sites who started to pick on an article recently saying that "Pangu is raising a white flag. iOS 10 Jailbreak not happening".

This article took the Jailbreak community by surprise and is apparently spreading faster than a flood among the internet users.
While the article is clearly presenting false information and uses deceptive clickbait title, the fact that since Yesterday Pangu's website was completely down, inaccessible like it was never created, makes the suspicions go higher.

I would like to say that whoever wrote the article better ask Pangu Team first before making such affirmations. Pangu hasn't spoke about this publicly, and while it is true that they stayed in the dark since iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak was released, that doesn't mean they gave up.

We all know that Pangu isn't releasing a Jailbreak yet due to iOS 10.1 which is now in beta (3) and if they release the tool now, Apple will most likely patch it in Beta 4.

The article about Pangu:
Pangu's Website (is Down for the moment):
Reddit Jailbreak:


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