iOS 10.2.1 – CFW iCloud Bypass 32-Bit Setup.App Patch (iPhone 5 / 5C)

Today, as I promised, I released the Setup.App Patch for 32-Bit iPhones running iOS 10.2.1 (Beta 4 or up). 32-Bit iPhones that are currently supporting  iOS 10.2.1 are iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 (both variants). The iPhone 4S isn't supported despite being 32-Bit because there is no iOS 10.2.1 update for it (it was dropped at iOS 9.3.5) which has no public keys, so we can't attempt bypassing.

The Setup.App Patch as well as how the Setup.App works (including the iCloud Activation procedure) are well described in the documentation I've published and is available here on the resources section. 
You can use this patch with the tutorial linked down bellow. Please make sure you also use the latest version of Lilo App.

In this video we also discuss some other iCloud-related important things about 32-Bit (for example the compatibility and the device models), so stick till the end.

Please read the documentation about the as well as the F.A.Q. (Frequent Asked Questions) page to understand better how to use this patch or what issues can appear / possible fixes.

Setup.App Patch for 32-Bit iPhone:
Setup.App Documentation:
CFW Creation Tutorial:
iOS 10.2.1:


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