iOS 10 Beta 4 – Setup.App Patch for CFW iCloud Bypass and How to Install the Patch

Today, I released the Setup.App Patch for iOS 10 Beta 4 for both x32 and x64 devices for CFW iCloud Bypass.

Warning: You need to be an OS X user, to have an active Developer account (to get the certificate) and you need XCODE 8 Beta in order to use The iOS 10 Betas. That's how Apple handles Beta iPSWs.

You also need to have access on a Windows PC (or virtualbox) to be able to use Firmware Manager to calculate the OSVARSIZE for all instances in the Plist File. (BuildManifest).

In the video I show you to to get rid of the Read Only tag on the decrypted DMG (ROOT FS) to be able to insert the patch, and how to fix the "No free space" error in case it appears so that you are covered.

iOS 10 Beta builds come decrypted, therefore, you don't need any AES key to be able to see and modify the content. Apple took this decision to prevent bigger load time.

This patch can only be used on iOS 10 Beta 4, please don't use it on iOS 9.x series nor on any other iOS 10 Beta build, other than Beta 4.

In order to restore iOS 10 Beta 4 IPSWs you need OS X 8 which can be downloaded from your Apple Developer account's portal page. Due to legal concerns, we won't publish any links to the Developer tools, nor to the official iOS 10 Beta iPSWs. you know where to find them.

Please watch the video carefully to understand how to use the patch and how to fix possible errors (if any).

The patch is available in the description of the video.


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