iOS 9.3.3 Pangu How To Jailbreak Fully Working With 1 Year App Certificate [English]

Pangu has updated their Jailbreak Utility App so that now it includes an enterprise certificate that if deployed, will make the Jailbreak last for 1 entire year (instead of 7 days as the first iteration).

The Jailbreak uses the same Cydia Impactor Signing method that requires you to use an Apple ID and a valid password to grab yourself a self-signing certificate. We recommend you to use a throw-away ID that you can create for free, instead of your daily (main) ID. Even tho, Cydia Impactor is completely safe (being a @saurik release), it is still better in case you use a weak protection on your Wi-Fi network or you use a public network that can be sniffed.

This method actually works great for both 25PP (Chinese app) and for the Pangu (English) app.
Cydia Impactor is available for both OS X and Windows, and if you are a Linux / Ubuntu user, there is a version for you too.



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