iOS Reverse Engineering Basics (Beginners) | Disassembling ASR | Code Analysis

As the result of the poll I made on Twitter concluded with 90% positive results for creating an iOS Reverse Engineering Series on the channel, here you have the first introduction video.

In this video, I will present you the very basic concepts about iOS Reverse Engineering, what it is and how you can use it. Also, we're going to demo the UI Analysis part of the reverse engineering and the code analysis part. These parts are different but work together as the UI analysis helps you identify what you need, and after you know the name of the component you are interested in, simply go in the disassembler and search for the name of the chosen component.

Reverse Engineering is extremely important for a developer. It helps you to understand how a specific app does a specific task, how an app has a specific method or function implemented, or you can create patches, modified apps and you can even assess the security breaches / vulnerabilities of an app.

Of course, Reverse Engineering can't be resumed in a 15 minute video, but we have to start from something smaller so that you can understand what it represents.

As an example, I demoed how you can use reverse engineering to disassemble the Apple System Restore (ASR) app and how to find the instruction you need to patch using Hopper Disassembler v3 on OS X.

We're going to also have videos targeting IDA Pro and Windows.

In the next video we're going to enter deeper in the iOS Reverse Engineering by analyzing and modifying real applications, I will also explain you the iOS System Hierarchy and we're also going to cover the components like Daemons, Dylibs (Dynamic Link Libraries), Frameworks and Bundles. We're also going to do carry out a restore with a patched ASR (that we're going to make together in the video).

Please keep in mind that this video is made for absolute beginners.

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==Some resources for you==
Reverse Engineering Explained:
Hopper Disassembler v3:
Reveal (Monitor App (Debugging)):
Some good Assembly e-book:


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