iOS 10 – iPhone 5S Full iCloud Bypass With CFW (Setup.App Patched) Tutorial

In today's tutorial, I will show you, as I promised, how to build the iOS 10 (public release) CFW with the Setup.App Patch that I released 4 days ago. The procedure changed a bit since the GM version, now you need an additional command in Terminal to make the ROOT FS DMG file Read Only again after modification and also we use iTunes 11.0 because I couldn't simply get it going with iTunes 12.x (nor with libimobiledevice). Libimobiledevice is giving iBEC error (maybe iOS 10 broke it? It gives the same error with untouched IPSW.) and iTunes 12.x continues to give Error 14 (documented in the F.A.Q page).


Before starting, make sure you read the F.A.Q. page. You need OS X for this tutorial (No, you can't do this on Windows).
I think any OS X past 10.8 is okay.
The iTunes and the patch is here in the description.

Keep in mind that not all iPhone 5S variants are working with this method, this is stated at the very beginning of the video on the black background of warning so you have been warned.
For instance, we tested this and managed to get it going on iPhone 5S (6,2), 16 GB Model: A1533. You can see a table with all A* models on "Important Section".

! This video contains all the proofs you might need! If you still think it is fake, then, kindly, go away from the channel.

The device I managed to bypass is a 16 GB version, the smaller the better. 64 GB versions of iPhone 5S might not be compatible with this method at all.

It is strongly recommended to READ THE F.A.Q. before commenting, or before attempting.

Might still be buggy! Errors might occur! Alpha stage! For devs only!

This is the second time we develop for x64, compatibility is reduced. If you find issues, it is extremely important to check them on the F.A.Q.!

This video is provided for educational purpose only! You are liable for the way you use the information from above and for possible damages.

Warning! You won't be able to place calls nor to receive messages (kinda like iPod Touch)!

Terminal command:
For Read Write:
hdiutil convert filename.dmg -format UDRW -o newfile.dmg

For Read Only:
hdiutil convert filename.dmg -format UDRO -o newfile.dmg

==Download Section==
The Patch:
iTunes 11.0 DMG:

F.A.Q. (! MUST READ !) :
iPhone 5S Models Table:
iPhone 5S Kernel Kexts:
iPhone 5S Beta 8 Bypass:


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